My pets never go outside my home and backyard. Why do you want her to wear a collar and tag?

Pets cannot tell anyone their address or home phone number.  In an earthquake, severe weather, fire or other mishap, animals  are often very frightened and become separated from their homes and families. Being reunited with your pet begins with an ID tag and microchip. 

Will you stay overnight with my dog or cat?

We do not stay overnight with your pet.  If you are concerned that your pet may feel lonely alone at night, ask us for suggestions on helping your dog or cat to feel more secure in your absence.

How often do you visit my pets?

We can visit your pets up to three times daily, although generally one or two visits are enough.  You may request one visit daily, either morning or evening; both morning and evening visits; or morning and evening plus a short visit mid-day for exercise or walking. 

Can we get in touch with you if we want to check on our pets?

You are always welcome to telephone or email us for a report while you are away.  Many families call the first day or two to make sure their pets are settling in well while the owners are away.  In addition, a daily diary is kept for your pets, with detailed entries concerning eating habits, elimination, play, exercise and anecdotes that may be of interest to you. 

Where did you get the name DOGSTAR?

We chose the name Dogstar to honor the close and caring bond between people and their animals that has been celebrated since ancient times.  Sirius, the Dogstar, follows his master Orion the Hunter across the winter night skies, and is the brightest star there. Look for them in the southern sky on winter nights.