Peggy Toledano has been a client [of Baker Bristol Pet Hospital] for many years, since before I became associated with this practice as the junior partner. She has been an exceptional client and pet owner. Together we have treated everything from cats and dogs to rats, and I have found her both caring and competent throughout.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to any pet owner in need of a pet sitter. 

Richard Mackey, DVM, Baker Bristol Pet Hospital, Costa Mesa

I have two very strong and active whippets and one grumpy Chihuahua. Peggy is willing and able to handle all of them.  Peggy is very reliable and she remains flexible as to schedule changes, Often I have to give last minute notice to her to help with an additional feeding and walk.  Peggy has always accommodated these requests.  I would highly recommend Peggy to take care of your pets.

Sarah S., Costa Mesa - dogs Miguel, Moz and Luna

I feel very fortunate to have been referred to Peggy.  I travel a lot and since Peggy started watching and caring for Bo, I have peace of mind when I have to be away.  I really enjoy coming back to her notes about what Bo was up to when I was gone. 

Janet L., Costa Mesa - cat Bo

Peggy Toledano was sitter for our two rabbits for a few years.  She stopped by to let them out of their cage to play a while, and then returned later to do the care tasks and put them to bed for the night. It was very evident to me that she really enjoys animals and feels for them.  I highly recommend her.

Marilyn K-W., Fountain Valley - rabbits Hopper and Thumper

Dogstar Note:  This family engaged Dogstar to care for their new Labrador retriever puppy when he was nine weeks old.  As his "nanny,"  I cared for him daily for about two years:

When our dog was about one, he was diagnosed with Addison's disease.  Addison's limits physical exertion due to stress.  Peggy was able to change his routine and provide for him.  Her services were greatly needed when we had a puppy, then a dog that needed monitoring with Addison's.  Our dog is a happy, healthy adult now, and we can thank part of that to Peggy's care. 

Shelley B., Costa Mesa - dog Oliver