Our Services


I have cared for animals of all kinds since Dogstar started business in 2006.  Dogs of all sizes and cats long-haired and short, birds from parakeets and finches to African Gray parrots, rabbits, chickens and small pocket pets: rats, hamsters, mice, turtles....  large or small, they all thrive on play, exercise, familiar food and loving kindness.  Your pet's regular routine is the aim of each visit. I administer medications and prepare special diets, and handle both the youngest and most senior pet with gentleness and respect.

While you are away each work day, I will visit your pets while you are gone.  I  offer exercise and play, potty breaks as needed, and a change of pace. You return to find your pets relaxed and ready for prime time with you.  Whether you go on frequent business trips or take a longer vacation, I can give your pet a smooth transition in your absence until you return.      

For your safety and security, Dogstar Pet Care Service is bonded and insured, and is licensed for business in the city of Costa Mesa.